Jerry “Bach” Bacmeister

Jerry Bach is likely one of the most underrated guitarists in the Southeastern United States! Jerry started playing guitar at a very young age, surrounded by a number of musically talented relatives that were also professional musicians. Jerry has been part of many successful lineups in his 30+ years of performing, not to mention having been a member of more than one Nationally Signed act! Jerry not only plays guitar on par with the top local and regional “axe-slingers” but adds guitar controlled synthesizer to his arsenal of sonic skills. Jerry’s creativity and experience at combining guitar and synthesizer into “one” instrument are second to none. Jerry is an extreme benefit to any live act as well as being a veteran of the studio and recording process. Jerry plays Brian Moore guitars, Headrush Pedalboards, Roland Synth Modules, Mesa Engineering Amps and Cabinets as well as Line 6 Effects. Oh and Drums & Percussion (When Stuart isn’t looking)

Jerry is also proud to be an official Curt Mangan endorsed artist for all of his stringed instruments!

Stuart “Stu” Mowery

Stuart Mowery has 36 years of drums and percussion experience. Stuart started in the Miami-Hollywood area in the early 1980’s, and has performed in all 3 corners of Florida and the Southeast United States ever since. When arriving in Jacksonville in 1991, he met Chris Kellam and Bart Hammond, they soon created Out Of Order, which later became Herd Of Turtles. Stuart enjoyed amazing local and regional success with this lineup, which included John Stewart on guitar and vocals as the fourth member. After Herd Of Turtles, Stuart enlisted with other top local acts such as Sweatin’ Bullets, Tombstone Junkies, Big Bad Betty, Buck Smith Project, Swerved, not to mention filling in on countless occasions for Big Engine, Gutterboy and many more. After more than a year in seclusion, his path crossed with that of Michelle & Nick Stupans of the band Shell Game. Stuart helped form the foundation and success of Shell Game for nearly all of 2013. City of Bridges is simply another part of Stuart’s musical journey that we are fortunate to share with him. Stuart plays Peavey Drums, a mixture of cymbal sound effects, as well as bar stools, buckets and hot serving pans!

Gerald “G-Money” Bullard

Gerald Bullard Jr was a simple child… and then came Rock N’ Roll. The rest is history. No really, history y'all!!!